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Clean Starts…with no mistakes, yet.

Just wanted to let everyone know about my new, better focused blog. Yes, I’m murdering my blogger account because its frankly not working out for me and I cannot figure out how to use it well. But I will be updating the wordpress account 5 days a week. I welcome the Chicago attitude of “vote” early and often. Some days there will be free give-aways (who doesn’t want a batch of homemade cookies?!?) but most will be unannounced. You’ll have to have checked and commented on that day to win. Happy blogging!

Here’s the new layout:

Monday Musings – This is the day for my own personal mad-rants, humor, and sharing.

Tasty Tuesdays – A day devoted to one of my greatest loves: food. I’m passionate about baking delicious things, giving cooking advice, sharing recipes, and some guest blogs.

Writing Wednesdays – I’m that crazy person at the coffee shop swigging down some sugary confection while madly tapping out my latest manuscript on my laptop. I’m sharing my own writing struggles and advice, while offering some expert guest blogs too.

Thick-of-it Thursdays – Spiritual truth, confessions and struggles from a heart that can only be described as a work in progress.

Fridays for Readers – Book recommendations, sneak-peeks at yet to be released books, author interviews and writing advice from experts, introductions to new writers, and at least once a month ‘Freebie Friday’ when a lucky commenter will win a free book.


About Jess Keller

I'm an author, speaker and chocolate eater who's chasing hard after my dreams.

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