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Dangerous Grace

“my grace is sufficient for thee”

Imagine that you have lived in a neighborhood for a year now. A new neighbor moves in next door and you find out that he is a convicted murderer who escaped from jail (throw reason to the wind here and just imagine with me).

What would you do? Would you bring over the customary welcome-pie? Would you let your children go to his house? Would you invite him over for dinner? What if this man broke into your house at night and stole your most valuable possession….wouldn’t you call the cops? I sure would.

I’m that convict. We all are. To God; I’m no better than that convicted murderer.

But God keeps his doors unlocked at night, God welcomes me over for steak dinners, and God let’s me baby-sit his precious children. I break into his home at night and steal from him, and he wakes up and tells me not to leave without the rest of his valuables. The next morning he has placed the rest of his silver on my front door with a note inviting me over for lunch.

That’s grace. Grace does not look through the scum to find what is good – His grace sees the scum and accepts it “as is” with no mandatory change. Grace says that I don’t need to try to be acceptable to God because I am fine “as is”…not that I have a free ticket then to sin, but through that understanding of grace I stand in awe. It is by and through that grace that I am molded and formed….not for it, or to get it, but because of it.

Grace cannot be worked for, it is always there because when Christ said, “it is finished” he did not mean his life, he meant our attempt to be acceptable to God – we have the acceptance, we don’t need to work for it – it is finished.

And that puts a whole new meaning to “my grace is sufficient for thee.”


About Jess Keller

I'm an author, speaker and chocolate eater who's chasing hard after my dreams.

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  1. Kristen Zahner

    Love it. Love it. ‘His grace sees the scum and accepts it as is’ I need this tattooed on my head 🙂 I miss you and remember so much you taught me.


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