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Go on Amazon, turn the screws

The four a.m. chipmunks are dashing across my back porch and taunting my cats as another morning quietly slips in. I’m getting ready for work and going through the daily routines. One of which is to check my email, and once again, Amazon decided to torture me.

When it comes to books, I’m like a soccer mom with Starbucks. I cannot pass them up. If I had the money, I’d probably get a new one every day to feed the addiction. Then Amazon, they are like the barista who hides in the closet, popping out to waft more coffee my way when I least expect them.

Yeah, I’m on the top of their sucker list. I got one of those “you might like this book” emails from them. And of course, they are right. I do want the book.

I’ve included a list of books that I’m currently drooling to get my hands on. If I do, I promise to review them here.

How about you, any healthy addictions out there? If you’ve read any of these, please give your opinion. Or, feel free to suggest more books for my list!

Deeply Devoted – Maggie Brendan

Hello! It’s about a girl from Holland (I’m Ducth, can you tell?) who comes as a mail-order bride to America.

The Doctor’s Lady – Jody Hedlund

I’ve been counting down to this one’s release, Jody is an amazing person and I can’t wait to get my hands on this new adventure.

Fairer than Morning – Rosslyn Elliot

Might sound funny to pick a book by the cover, but the picture intrigues me, and I’ve heard very good things about this author’s writing.

Beyond All Measure – Dorothy Love

A penniless girl trying to make life work after the Civil War, count me in.

Heiress – Susan May Warren

Um, Susan May Warren + Historical Fiction = the promise of an insanely good read.

A Constant Heart – Siri Mitchell

Siri’s book She Walks in Beauty and is one of the most powerful and exquisite books I’ve ever read. I must get my hands on this one.

Out of Control – Mary Connealy

I cannot pass up a book that stars a good-hearted cowboy. Sigh.

Belonging – Robin Lee Hatcher

Robin’s an excellent writer, I have loved everything she’s written and I’m positive this one will be the same for me.

A Most Unsuitable Match – Stephanie Grace Whitson

This one wasn’t on my radar, but I’ve heard such high praise that now my interest is peeked. That, and it takes place in Montana, which happens to be a current love of mine.


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  1. And when you buy these, you can share them with me after you’ve read them! LOL, just kidding. I’m super excited about Susan May Warren’s new title as well – I think I need to own every book she’s written. Several of those others have piqued my interest, and you can bet I’ll be waiting for a review.

  2. Did I tell you I’m taking a class taught by Susan May Warren in September? Color me excited. I can’t wait to meet her.

  3. Ooh, I really have a thing for mail-order bride stories. I might need to look that one up.

  4. I’ve read all of Siri’s historicals. Soooo gooood. My favorite, though, is Chateau of Echoes which is a contemporary and historical. Plus it’s set in a chateau in France.

    Heiress is on my radar too. I just finished My Foolish Heart and was in awe. Susie’s good!


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