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Love Worth Waiting For

Last week I wrote about my utter naïve shock when I found out that a writer is supposed to have a tagline, and the tailspin it tossed me into when I didn’t know what that meant I write. But, take heart, I know now. I write about love worth waiting for.

What does that even mean?

That means that my characters are like you and me. They face a lot of junk in life and sometimes that makes them want to throw up their hands and say, “enough.” Some of them, like in the Kitty Bennet novella, sit by and watch the rest of their family live while they are lost about what their identity actually is. Or like my work in progress, she must wait eight years for the man of her dreams to return, and even then, she’s not so sure she’s ready to trust him because of past hurt. I hope that my characters shed tears, wring their hands, throw their head back in laughter, and tease their friends.

But their stories will differ from ours in that as readers, we’ll see the big picture. We’ll see that their pain and trials and tears were truly worth it. How often I wish I had a glimpse of that in my own life, but we aren’t always afforded a big picture.

It makes me think of John the Baptist from the Bible. Did you know that he is the one man who had to least conceivable ‘right’ to doubt Jesus? Here’s a man who spends his entire life preparing the way for Christ’s ministry. Then, as he’s baptizing Jesus, John becomes the only person in recorded history to experience the physical presence of the Trinity (holding Jesus, seeing the Spirit as a dove, and hearing the voice of the Father – wow). Not long after that, he is captured and is going to be beheaded. Dear John sends a question to Jesus via his followers—Are you the Christ?

Translation: Are you worth it? Are you worth dying for? Was my whole life and ministry a waste?

John is beheaded and later while preaching Jesus refers to John as the greatest man ever born of woman. Can you imagine the creator of everything calling you that? But here’s the clincher, John the Baptist never got to hear that. And in this life we often will never know why things happen or what the big picture is.

But in fiction we can, and that can lend hope to reality.


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I'm an author, speaker and chocolate eater who's chasing hard after my dreams.

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  1. I just mentioned that just a few days ago!!!

  2. I love your branding and look forward to seeing it on your books someday soon. ; )


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