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ACFW Conference

After months of planning, late nights, and revising, it’s finally the week of the ACFW Conference. Around 6 A.M. on Wednesday morning I’ll pile all my things into my trusty Toyota and drive down to St. Louis. I’ve packed and repacked my luggage 15 times. My messenger bag is bursting with one-sheets and sample chapters. And my stomach’s already butterflying at the prospect of meeting agents, editors, and many of my favorite authors.

All and all, I’m pretty sure this week will be the highlight of my year.

From Wednesday to Saturday I’ll be going from 7 A.M. to 11 P.M. or later each night. It’ll be tiring, and a social stretch for an introvert like me, but it’ll be good.

If you’re the praying sort, please remember me in your prayers this week. Pray for my nerves, pray that I’ll be able to make new friends, and pray for open doors and confident speech when I’m talking to editors and agents.


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I'm an author, speaker and chocolate eater who's chasing hard after my dreams.

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  1. Hi Jes,

    I will be praying, but I know you will do great!
    Aunt Jan

  2. But you get to meet cool new friends.

    Like me :D.

    So it’s all good ;).

    Except for those butterflies the size of pteradactyls in my stomach…

  3. I will pray too! I’m excited to hear about it after you’re home, and to see the results of your hard work. Go get ’em!

  4. Jessica –
    Can’t wait to hear all about it! You will knock it out of the park at the conference! I will be praying for courage and clarity and “opportunities” for you all week! You just take a deep breath, focus, and awaze those publishers with your wonderful stories!!!
    Love you lots, Joan

  5. I’ll be praying Jess! You’re going to be great!

  6. Will definitely pray for you.


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