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Accepting Help for your Calling

God told Moses that he would win the battle as long as he held his staff over his head. Moses had faced many things by this time and was probably thinking, “Piece of cake. I’ve seen God do tons through me. I can hold a little staff over my head. No biggie.”

The experienced God follower does just that. The battle starts out strong, but slowly Moses’ arms grow tired and begin to droop. Try as he might he cannot keep them up with his own strength even though this was his ordained task. The foreign army begins to defeat the Israelites, but then Moses’ friends step in. For the rest of the battle Aaron and Hur hold up Moses’ arms so the staff would remain above his head. Moses couldn’t have done the duty that God had given if it had not been for his friends.

This seems backwards. When God gives me a task shouldn’t I just carry it out on my own? God didn’t tell Aaron and Hur to help Moses. Often, so full of pride, I do the work of God alone claiming that it’s my own special calling. That sort of pride is like calling manure pretty because it’s done next to a patch of flowers.

Our first inclination as humans is to keep glory and pride for ourselves. Listen to any three-year-old: “No! I can do it myself.” Are we any different? Through my actions I say that same childish statement when I do not ask for help, and more so when I do not ask my heavenly Father for help. We do anything to not look weak and helpless, well at least I do. God help me, I might as well be three-years-old because I have so much I still need to learn and so much to hand over yet.


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  1. I feel like this truth was so evident in my time at conference last week, and still, I know I’ll be tempted to think “I’ve got this” because of the emotional high I’m riding. But we were never meant to carry out our work without the empowering of our Heavenly Father and the support of biblical community. Thanks for the reminder, friend 🙂

  2. Jess, this is fabulous. I have so many thoughts on this now that you’re brought it up. Thanks for this great thought provoking post!


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