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A Life in the Valley

“What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, and yet lose his very self.” –Luke 9:25

Spent some time this morning pondering the events surrounding the mountain of transfiguration (Luke 9).

Right before they (Peter, John, James, and Jesus) go up to the mountain Jesus spoke about the need for his followers to daily take up a cross and follow him.  This probably sounded incredibly weird to them since the cross was seen as an execution method and they knew nothing of the future (that Jesus would serve them in that way).

Then He takes them up to the mountain peak and Moses and Elijah appear.  The disciples are – quite literarily – on cloud nine as the glory of God fills the top of the mountain and the Father’s voice booms forth.

Peter thinks it would be amazing to stay on the mountain in this cushy lifestyle forever.  Who wouldn’t want to live where glory was?  Who wouldn’t want to spend their days with the saints and the Creator?  Peter (being normal Peter) offers to build them all homes so they can live out the rest of their lives there.

But they cannot.

Jesus let’s Peter know that this is a foolish idea.  See, we are never called to live in glory while on Earth. We are never called to sit away from all that is bad and look down on the world from a mountaintop.

Jesus makes them get up and leave all that is perfect and trudge down into the valley – it is time to live like they are supposed to – to take up their cross.  Right away they come face-to-face with a demon possessed child whom they minister to.  This is what they are called to walk with every day, a life filled with action, not sitting and watching; a life with hands in the dirt and feet in the valley.

And so we are called, never to be watchers on the sidelines but ready in the trenches.


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  1. Thanks for this – it puts life in perspective.


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