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Those ‘Impossible’ Walls

Picture this scene. Joshua, the leader of the Israelites, has just come over the hill.  In front of him stretches Jericho, the fabledcity. From the hilltop, Joshua is able to look down on Jericho, and he sees two things: the wall and the soldiers. Now this is no ordinary wall. This wall would hold six chariots side-by-side on its width.  This thing is a fortress.

And Joshua looks down on this “tightly shut” city that God has said the Israelites are to conquer, and I’m quite sure his thinking went something like this, “God’s got to be nuts!  Look at that wall. We can’t get through it or over it. How are we ever going to take that city?”

However, God, as He so often does, says something curious to Joshua: “See I have given Jericho into your hand, with its king and the valiant warriors.” God did not give a prescription for how to get over that wall, He didn’t even really mention the wall at first. Instead, He said, “I have given you the prize, now go take it.”

Huh? I’m thinking Joshua was like, “Uh, little problem there, God. Don’t you see that wall?  How do you propose we get past that thing? I mean it’s huge! It’s gi-normous!  And we don’t have anything that’s even going to make a dent in it much less take it down.”

God then tells Joshua that the Israelites are to march around the walls of Jericho for six days as their priests blow their trumpets. Then on the seventh day they will blow the ram’s horn and give a great shout, and the walls “will be laid low.” The Bible records what Joshua did. He went out, told the people what they were going to do, and they did it.

The question is: Do we?

When we look at a problem in our lives, do we see the prize that God wants us to go for, or do we see the wall?

Think about it. We want peace in our marriage. Do we see how that can be, or do we see the walls of all the fights and disagreements?  We want employment. Do we see how God has a job ready for us, or do we see the wall of unemployment? We want our bodies to be healthier. Do we see the healthy body God has planned, or do we see the wall of sickness and physical problems that prevent us from having this thing we want?

Dr. Lee A. Simpson, a local pastor, says that you only move beyond the wall by seeing what God sees instead of what you’re seeing.  Life is not best lived from your limited perspective. If you’re only living based on what you can see, you are not letting God expand your horizons.

God says, “ I want you to see the most impossible thing.  LOOK and SEE that I have given you the king and the valiant soldiers.”  God doesn’t say, “When you figure out how to get around the wall, THEN I’ll give you the king.”  God says, “I have given you the king.”

What king has God given you that you aren’t claiming because you’re standing on the hillside looking at that “impossible” wall? Now might be a good time to adjust your vision to that of God, to see the problem the way He sees it, and to trust in the plan He has laid out for your laying claim to what He has already given you in your life.

Or you can stand there looking at the walls. It really is your choice.


Guest Blog written by Staci Stallings. Visit Staci at her blog.

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