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A lie, an evil king, and an ass

The greatest fall all begins with the smallest compromise.

God asks for a life without compromise. Look at Ananias and Sopphira. Here are two Christians doing good. They sell their property and then say they are going to give what they make on it to the Church. So, they have a good piece of land and end up making a killing off of it. They count out 100,000,000 and decided, you know what, let’s keep 100 of it for ourselves…we’ll go have a nice meal and be done with it. Because they lied to God about not giving it all he strikes them dead on the spot.

It was just a little compromise.

Then there is the man who we only know as “the man of God” in 1 Kings.13. To get such a title in the Bible he must have been one heck of a man. The man of God boldly delivers straight in the face of the evil King Jeroboam and is threatened with death. The man of God stays true and goes about his way to finish his task. God had told him not to turn back upon his path, even just a foot. Then a prophet sees this man walking along the road and begs the man to come back to his house and sup with him. It’s just a block back, no big deal, and the prophet is a man of God too. So the man of God goes back and on his way home that night is mauled to death by a lion who then stands next to the man’s donkey and doesn’t touch it, and never eats the man.

It was just a block away from where God had instructed.

These passages freak me out to no end, and yet also stir a passion to live better. I know it is impossible to live a life completely worthy of the calling, but doesn’t it blow your mind when you realize that Christ treats us like we have obtained that already?


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  1. Totally makes me think about how many times I’ve compromised “just a little” to get what I’ve wanted or to “save face” etc.. This post is an excellent reminder that we need to always keep Jesus in mind when we make choices…the road is straight and narrow and doesn’t have room for lots of “off ramps” to dally around on.


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