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Isn’t it funny how sometimes we lose sight of who we are? I say this because it is something I have been learning…again. Sometimes I compare myself to people around me – or I listen too much to others’ praise and I begin to fool myself into thinking that I am of good standing. Then I come face to face with God and see just how far away I am from being a woman of God, and it scares me.

This mountain called the life of a Christian is far higher and more difficult to climb than I had at first estimated. But I’ve noticed that as the steps get more difficult that the joy each one brings increases. This is a climb I’m in for life and breaks, though taken, can never be long. That’s just it too! We think we’ve arrived because we forget that a life can only be cleansed through a lifetime – we try to give over in minutes what takes years of hard battle.

But Christ has no part in a Christian who is not growing. It is not His occupation to move us out of stagnancy. This is our job. Praying that we will want change will do nothing. Knowing you need growth is enough to move yourself to action. God refuses to baby us. If we don’t take action on what we know He is not about to grant anymore knowledge. Sometimes feelings must be thrown in the backseat and action must take place without them. You don’t want or feel like studying Scripture or praying? Tough.  Do it anyway and one day your feelings will follow.


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I'm an author, speaker and chocolate eater who's chasing hard after my dreams.

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  1. AMEN! Couldn’t agree with your excellent comments more. I often get sidetracked on the clover-leafs of comparing myself to others, obsessing over what “they” have, and have hung out on Stagnant Avenue a lot lately. Time for some forward motion action! Thanks for the wake up call Jessica!


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