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I took a small blog vacation for Thanksgiving. Hope everyone enjoyed a good food-filled couple days. And if you are crazy enough to have gone Black Friday shopping, hope you avoided getting pepper sprayed and the whole bit. In my twenty-eight years of life I’ve yet to venture out on Black Friday, but who knows, maybe one day I’ll be tempted. I’m wondering if any of you braved the madness and if so what was worth going out for?

Matt and I spent all weekend transforming our room from college-chic (a.k.a. whatever modge podge furniture we owned before we got married that didn’t match, no bed frame, the paint that was there when we moved in, etc.) to grown-up grand.

See, you have to understand what a big deal this is to me. We’ve lived in the house for four years. For those four years we’ve stared at the walls of our powder blue master bedroom willing the color to change and when it didn’t, shooting hateful glares at the offensive color. Like so many others when we first moved in we had amazing plans to paint over the light-baby-boy-blue but life just got in the way.

Hideous blue walls…

So over the weekend we finally banished the powder blue and replaced in with a distinguished Cromwell Gray. We completed the look with big-people matching furniture. Here’s the semi-finished product (still going to put up crown molding, some paintings, and other decorations). Forgive the fact that I can’t seem to take a picture in focus.

Anyway, that was the excitement that took up my entire weekend.

The blog is back on for five days a week. Tomorrow I’m sharing my to-die-for baked potato soup, Wednesday will feature some common grammar mistakes, Thursday the usual, and Friday I’m going to review books from my two favorite authors (Robin and Susie!).


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  1. Loving this gray 🙂


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