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Freedom. When coupled with spirituality I’ll admit that I’ve slipped into thinking of it as a future term: “I will be free.” Christ holds out his hands and offers freedom and I say that I’ll take it later. He came to set the captives free, but just as he flings open our cells we close the doors again. It’s safer living locked away – there will not be surprises in such a life. But we aren’t called to a life of safety, as we’ve all learned from C.S. Lewis, our God isn’t safe but he’s good.

How often I’ve set out like a bird to build my nest the way that I want to when a birdhouse has already been set out for me. Instead of using the birdhouse I go in search for what I think I need and I think my dreamboat has come when I find a long string – but soon that string that I thought was my “god-sent” becomes wrapped around me. I’m so caught up in it that I can no longer move. My goal is no longer to build my nest but just to free myself of the string and the more I beat against it the more tangled I become.

Pretty pathetic huh? But, that man who put up the birdhouse for me sees my plight and scoops me up. I try to run from him, but I’m so jumbled that I can’t. He holds me tightly until I calm down, I’m frightened he’ll hurt me, but instead he gently takes the rope from around me and then sets me free. I’m gone with no thanks.

The man cleans up the string and throws it away, but will I find another sting that looks too good to pass up? Why can’t I just go to the birdhouse that’s set up for me


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I'm an author, speaker and chocolate eater who's chasing hard after my dreams.

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