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Prayer. Passion. Action.

John 19 talks about two men who were devoted to Christ, yet in secret. Will I only come to Him when no one is looking like Joseph did? Will I only come under the cloak of the night like Nicodemus, maybe to whisper a quick prayer before bed? Or will I let my life be lived for Him that it is unmistakable who I belong to?

Something I’ve been convicted of lately – words. The more I read over Scripture the clearer it becomes that Jesus only ever opened his mouth if it would point people to God. Are my motives and my tongue that pure? Even when he used sarcasm (whitewashed tombs) he was using it for an eternal purpose. I talk for the pure and simple sake of talking, I foolishly pride myself in saying that talking solves problems. You can talk yards about a subject and still leave it the same. Action, not talking, solves problems.

So this is what I’ve come to: three words to help me live better: Prayer, Passion, Action. I have those words written large on my desk in that order because I am seeing that is a model to live life by. You need all three in that order. When you are thinking about doing something or making a decision on something you must pray, and then from what God has told you in prayer you must grow passionate about the direction he has given you, then move from passion to action on whatever it is he is directing you to do. Stopping before action makes the rest meaningless. You can pray, but if you do not become passionate you have missed it all. If you have passion about something you haven’t prayed about that’s dangerous, and if you take action without conviction or prayer that is equally detrimental. If you have passion and aren’t turning it into action then you are wasting it.


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I'm an author, speaker and chocolate eater who's chasing hard after my dreams.

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