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Jonah Days

You might have noticed the crickets chirping here on my blog in the last week and a half. All I can say is that I had a series of Jonah Days in a row.

The week started by bashing my foot into the bedframe, subsequently breaking a toe. Then on Tuesday I had the first-time experience of getting into a car wreck…totally more than $4,000 worth of damage to my poor little Toyota (thanking God for insurance). My husband and I returned home from that mess to a freezing house, yes, the heat had decided to break while we were gone.

That had to be it for catastrophes for the week, right? They only ever come in three’s.

Oh no. My husband left for winter camp with our high school youth group and then over the weekend while I was home alone, our washing machine decided to offer a final death groan too.

Top all this off with the ongoing infertility issue, then this week problems with credits for my husband’s master’s program and one might think that God’s got my number…in a bad way.

But in the midst of all this I came across an interview with Tim Tebow. Now, I’m not a football fan, and when I am I cheer for the Green Bay Packers. But I’ve definitely become a Tebow fan.

After losing the game last weekend a reporter asked him about his prayers and faith in the face of a loss. Tim answered:

“What I pray before games, during games, after games, is regardless whether I win, whether I lose, whether I’m the hero or the goat, that it doesn’t matter, that I still honor the Lord because He’s deserving of it, and just like my effort shouldn’t change, neither should that. So that’s how I try to approach it, and sometimes even in a loss you can honor Him more. For me, I pray that my character and who I am doesn’t change even though you can be dejected, you can still feel hurt, you can be disappointed, but you can still honor the Lord with how you handle things.”

For such a young man, he sure knows how to put things into perspective.

Car crash? Busted heat?

Honor the Lord with how you handle things.

Infertility? Frustrations with the university that feels out of our hands?

Sometimes even in a loss you can honor Him more.

I’m printing out Tim’s quote to keep nearby, because Jonah Days will come again.


I also wanted to let you all know that I’m filling up my guest slots for February, March, and April. I’m really excited about the authors who will be stopping by for a visit! Make sure to stop in often and meet these amazing friends of mine.


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  1. Troubles or adversities come, but we as Christians have God, the Lord Almighty who always watches over us. If we honor Him in all circumstances, our faith will grow stronger.

  2. what a good reminder…I’ve had my share of Jonah days, not recently, but within 6 months, and reminders like that are so necessary. thanks for sharing so honestly!

    • you sure have friend. but yes, it’s good to remember that Jonah days happen to everyone…and will happen again. It’s our attitude during them that matter — and yours has always been amazing.

  3. The road paved with adversity is rarely easy to travel, but yields the best results. We’ve all had those Jonah days. Sorry to hear you’ve had your share lately. You’ve been officially added to my prayer list. Best advice after a Jonah day, watch out for the vine that grows after them. The worm is bound to be at it’s root.

  4. Hate that typo. “its” …. leave it to the writers…..

    • Jessie, so sorry to hear of your problems. If you haven’t
      gotten the washing machine fixed yet, I can have Josh look
      at it if you want. He works for Geek Squad, (Best Buy( and
      that’s what he does. I know he won’t charge much.


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