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Review for: A Wedding Transpires on Mackinac Island

Looking for a summer read? A book that’ll transport you on a mental vacation? Author Cara Putman gave me a copy of her new release, A WEDDING TRANSPIRES ON MACKINAC ISLAND, and it did just that.

Mackinac is a small touristy island located in Lake Huron. One of the things I really loved was that this book is laced with wonderful details—fudge shops, the grand hotel, horses clipping down the street, and people on bicycles—it’s written so well it made me want to pack my bags and book a one-way trip to Mackinac!

Add this quaint setting to a charming love story, and it would have been the perfect beach read…but Cara upped the ante. Instead of the typical boy-meets-girl-love-story, A WEDDING TRANSPIRES became an exhilarating can’t-put-it-down suspense/mystery story that had me flying through the book, trying to figure out the details of the crime.

What really happened the night of the drowning? Who killed the owner of the fudge shop?

Yet through it all, the mystery didn’t lose the love story which includes a love triangle. Who would Jonathan choose? The high-school-sweetheart who was the only woman he ever loved? Or the woman with a two-year-old son who needed him?

So, in the end, I’d call this a summer-read with a punch! It was great, I loved that there were so many layers and it wasn’t just a run-of-the-mill love story. I enjoyed the heart-pounding moments where their safety was in jeopardy, and I always enjoy a good who-done-it. As if that wasn’t enough, Cara packs in a powerful message: sometimes we have to dig up past pain in order to heal.

Much love -Jess

P.S. You should check out Cara’s website, she has so many other books to choose from!


Back cover copy, from Barbour:

Can the truth set Alanna Stone free?

Attorney Alanna Stone has never forgotten Jonathon Covington–or the pain of his betrayal. In fact, he’s why she’s avoided returning to Mackinac Island. But an exhausting, high profile case and an urgent plea from her parents bring her home. She immediately finds herself thrust into controversy as an unsolved murder once again turns public opinion against her family. Jonathon has been waiting for her return, but the woman he sees now has little in common with the one who left. Will they be able to lay aside the past and let God heal their hearts, or will reconciliation come too late?


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  1. Thanks so much for the great review, Jessica. So glad you enjoyed the book!

    • You’re weclome Cara! Thanks for letting me read it before the release! I’ve already asked my library to order a few copies and passed the book on the my friend who is in charge of ordering for the library she works at. Wishing you success!


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