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Divergent casting: Vote for Adam Levine

I haven’t kept my love for the Divergent series or author Veronica Roth any secret. So as Summit releases news about their casting choices for the Divergent movie, I’ve been all ears.

Last week it was leaked/released that Neil Burger will be the director of the first film. Neil’s directed the movies Limitless, The Lucky Ones, and The Illusionist before this. I honestly haven’t watched any of them so I can’t say what I think of choosing him for Divergent. What I do know though? He started his career in the 90’s directing the MTV tv show, Books: Feed Your Head. Which was a show that promoted reading. So he can’t be all that bad.

Divergent’s protagonist was also cast so it looks like Shailene Woodley (from Secret Life) will be playing Tris. In the book, Tris is described as slight, blonde, and not particularly pretty. Shailene meets one of three right now (she’s tiny!), and I’m sure they’ll bleach her hair. Although, I don’t think they’ll be able to make her anything but beautiful. I don’t mind the choice at all. I would have rather had Dakota, but, oh well. Veronica Roth has offered her full endorsement on the choice, so no one can argue those two.

     Is THIS Tris and Four??

Internet buzz has it that Alexander Ludwig (Cato in The Hunger Games) met with the production team about playing Four. Twitter blew up on Friday when Ludwig posted: “Had an amazing meeting with Doug Wick (produced gladiator) about playing Four in Divergent. Need to get this one. Much love to the fans!” I don’t know how I feel about this choice, but I hope the team is taking everything into consideration. Then again, fandom cried out in terror when JHutch was cast as Peeta in The Hunger Games, and he was nothing but excellent in the role.

In my head, Tris will always look like Dakota Fanning and Four/Tobias will always be Alex Pettyfer (they really should consult me on these things…).

 Forever MY Tris and Four.

But more important than any of that…where can I start a petition to get Adam Levine cast as a member of Dauntless in the movies? He COMPLETELY fits the faction! Dare I even suggest him for the role of Max? LOOK!

Let’s see….Dauntless characteristics are talking loud, being expressive, and using hand gestures when speaking (you have seen Levine on The Voice, right?). And the members wear black clothing (which, is 90% of Adam’s wardrobe and we already know he looks good in it) and are pierced and tattooed (um, please refer to the posted picture). Seriously, it’s about time for Levine to move into an acting role and Divergent seems the perfect fit for him.

Who do I need to start writing letter to if I want to make this happen??? Anyone with me?


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  1. Can’t get behind a blond guy as Four. Maybe Cato will win me over, but I have serious doubts. I see him more as a Peter. And I always saw Alex Pettyfer as Will. I’m okay with the girl, even though I always pictured Saorise Ronan. Agreed about Adam. Good call.

    • I don’t mind him being a blond actor (they do have this new-fangled thing called hair-dye…never used the stuff myself but it worked to make JHutch a blond for The Hunger Games), my issue with Alexander Ludwig is the way he carries himself. He’s a jock through and through and Four’s not a jock.

      Sure, Ludwig can look scary…but only in a physical “I have the power to knock of your head” way.

      Not once in the book did I get the sense that Four was some muscled weight-lifter. No, Four needs to look dangerous for other reasons, deeper stuff. Like, his strength should be a surprise…not the first thing you notice about him.

      *Sigh* It looks like I’ve turned into one of THOSE fans…

  2. No, no, NO to Ludwig as Four – and by that I mean N.Oooooo.!!! Ok, pardon my hissy fit. All I can say is, Erynn, you are the casting Queen. I think Saorise is perfect! Who did you have in mind for Four? So far, I haven’t come up with anyone I think is a great fit. And yes to Dauntless Levine. Yes to that.


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