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Know what? I think I forgot to tell you about something exciting.

I shared about my cover for Home for Good and in celebrating, I forgot to let you know that one of my stories was published in October! It’s a short story that can be found in an anthology published by Oaktara.

The book? It’s called My Love to You Always. The great thing is that these are true love stories (not fiction!). So the story that is published is actually a true snippit of my husband and my romance.

Know what makes this all even cooler? My story was picked to be the first in the anthology, so I was given the honor of opening the book! I didn’t know until I had it in my hands.

 Here’s the back cover copy:

Forever Love… When did you fall in love? And when did you know that love would  be a lasting one-celebrating life’s joyous moments and walking together, hand-in-hand, through challenging times? Or are you still longing for that person to come into your life, as a side-by-side companion? Experience “my love to you always” kind of love through 42 of the sweetest, real-life love stories collected from across the globe. They’re guaranteed to make you misty eyed and renew your faith in the power of enduring love.



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I'm an author, speaker and chocolate eater who's chasing hard after my dreams.

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  1. How wonderful! I am happy for you!


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