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Happy Mr. Roger’s Day!

You know how people always ask you if you could have a meal/coffee/day with one person dead or alive, who would it be? Well, I wouldn’t pick a movie star. I wouldn’t pick a famous author. I wouldn’t pick a great theologian.

I’d pick Fred Rogers.

“In the end, all that matters is love.” -Mr Rogers

This video: His answer to how to solve the violence problem with teens/children from 1993 still rings true today.

Today would have been Mr. Rogers 85th birthday. He’s a personal hero of mine and his gracious and accepting spirit is sorely needed and missed in this world.

“There’s only one person in the whole world like you, and I like you so much.” -Mr. Rogers

This article popped up the other day, it lays out all the reasons why Fred Rogers was/is the Greatest American. I’m going to share a few of the clips from the article, but I urge you to take a minute and read that link. It just might restore your faith in the human spirit and serve to encourage you today.

“You always make it a special day for me. You know how, don’t you? By just your being you. Whether you’re in kindergarten, or third grade, or no grade at all, or ANY grade at all, I like you just the way you are.” -Mr. Rogers

This video: Pull out your tissues, Mr. Rogers ALWAYS made everyone feel special.

Raising a cup of coffee today in honor of a man who made every single person he came in contact with feel loved, special, and valued. Might we all use every interaction during our lives to do the same.

“There are many ways of saying who you are and how you feel. Ways that can be so helpful. Ways that don’t hurt yourself or anybody else. You know, that’s how you can tell when you’re grown up inside: you’re sure that what you’re planning and doing are things that can be a real help to you and your neighbor. I’m proud of you, know that. I hope you do.” -Mr. Rogers




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  1. After Mr. Rogers death Jeff Erlanger, the boy/man in the second video was interviewed by PBS. He said when he was 5 years old his parents asked his what his greatest wish was and they expected him to say he wanted some grand vacation or to be able to ride the rides at the big amusement parks – but his answer was that he simply wanted to meet Mr. Rogers before he died.

    Mr. Rogers found out and invited him on to the show. They rehearsed nothing because Mr. Rogers said they didn’t need to – he just told the cameras to role while he talked to his friend Jeff.

    In the interview, Jeff says that that one day spent with Mr. Rogers changed his entire life. He says there is so much he can’t do because of his condition, but he thinks back on that day and remembers he has worth AS IS and even if the doctors never change him or his condition, he is worth love and has value and he never felt that way until his conversation with Mr. Rogers.

  2. I loved Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. Have you seen the new Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood?

    • Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood!?! I knew of no such thing?? I’ll have to look into it! Although, it can’t be as wonderful as the real Daniel Striped Tiger, because that was Fred Rogers too. 🙂

  3. I interviewed him once on the phone for an article i was doing on children and Christmas. He was so tender and gracious I kept forgetting to ask him the questions and just wanted to be in his presence like the most beloved of fathers/grandfathers.


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