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October is my favorite month (I realize it’s NOT October yet, but we’re close … so close). My family makes a point of rambling through as many pumpkin farms as we can. We go apple picking. Spend evenings out on our deck. The earth smells different. Good different. I love every aspect of fall. Fall teaches us that letting go can be beautiful. I know that’s something I need to focus on more this season. Letting go of striving. Of over scheduling. Of believing I’m actually going to make that Pinterest masterpiece…

My last update was in spring, so while I’m bundled in a hoodie, typing from the comfort of my deck tonight I figured I’d give a brief update on my writing life.


In my spring update I announced that I was moving all my young adult books and all my future YA writing projects would be published under the name Jess Evander. This turned out to be a good move. I’m loving the freedom of creating an Evander brand that’s different from my books published under Keller. I’ve never made it a secret that writing young adult fiction has always been my number one aim and it’s the genre I’m most passionate about (and the one I read!). I’m happy to report that going forward, much more of my writing time will be dedicated to writing YA books.

2The TimeShifters series has enjoyed some online buzz this year. Saving Yesterday, book one in the series was a semi-finalist for the 2015 Clive Staples Award. That award is fan nominated and fan judged so THANK YOU!! *tosses cupcakes and confetti*

USA Today’s Happily Ever After blog reviewed both books in my TimeShifters series (how did I not share that on here before now?!?)! Here are two quick highlights from the reviews, but you can read the full text here and here.

Saving Yesterday:  “is a blood-pumping YA adventure featuring one heck of a twist on the usual coming-of-age story and a strong tug toward forbidden romance. Evander’s tight style of writing ups the ante on the ever-increasing pace of this novel while never sacrificing the emotional payout of a scene.” -Serena Chase

Capturing Today: “is a bona fide white-knuckle read that should not be missed! Highly recommended for anyone who loves YA romance.” -Serena Chase

3The third book in the Goose Harbor series, The Single Dad Next Door, released in July and enjoyed a four star review from Romantic Times. I’ve been receiving emails, snail mail, and social media private messages asking if there will be more books in the Goose Harbor series and I’m happy to report that three more books are written and planned for release over the next 12 -18 months.

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I'm an author, speaker and chocolate eater who's chasing hard after my dreams.

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  1. Tomorrow is October can’t wait to see the leaves chance color.


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