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My First Contract!

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“I’ve pinched myself so many times today to make sure that this was real.”– Anne Shirley

Yes, there is an Anne quote for every occasion, and this huge milestone in my life is no different. Because today is the day I get to announce that I’ve signed my first book contract.

I always had writing a book on my list of pipedreams. Just something nice to say, “oh, someday I’ll write a book.” Did you know that 80% of people who dream of writing a book never succeed? That’s crazy.

But I’ll hold my pipedream in my hands before my thirtieth birthday.

The manuscript I sold was titled Home for Good (originally titled: Left to Chance). I know it sounds silly to say this, but I love it. I love the characters and really cheered for them and I hope you will too. It’s the one that won me all the awards on my bio page.

Here’s a quick blurb: Ali Silver wants to raise her son on the family ranch in Bitterroot Valley and bring hope to handicapped children through her therapeutic horseback riding program. But her well-ordered life takes an unexpected turn when Jericho Freed, the husband who deserted her eight years ago, returns to town. Ali can’t decide if it’s the request Jericho makes or the attraction she still feels for him that terrifies her more. When she finds herself—and all she holds dear—in peril, can she depend on the God she feels doesn’t care and the man who once let her down? Or will bitterness choke out any hope of a second chance?

My manuscript was bought by Love Inspired—the Christian imprint of Harlequin. Home for Good will release in February 2013 and will hopefully mark the beginning of a long publishing career.