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Where have all the writers gone?

Do you have a writer in your life? Have they suddenly gone missing? Not answering calls?

Don’t worry. They’ll resurface in December.

Every November, writers across the nation join together for Nano Wrimo: National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to write an entire manuscript in just the month of November…an almost impossible task, and yet people do it every year. AND go on to get these manuscripts published!

So if you see a ground of people sitting at a table together at the library or at your local coffee shop, all typing furiously away on their laptops, it’s a good guess that they are writers at a Nano Wrimo write-in event. The organization, My Book Therapy, hosts their own Nano Wrimo complete with awards.

Should you have a writer in your life there are a couple ways to help them this month:

  1. Let them go into their writing caves without guilt. It’s one month. So if the dishes don’t get done that day so that the writer in your life can get out 7,000 words that day, so be it.
  2. Encourage them! Let them know you support their writing and that you’re willing to help them brainstorm or listen to them hatch out their plots.
  3. Send them something to fortify them. Many writers end up skipping meals and sleep during Nano Wrimo, so dropping off some chocolate or pushing a sandwich our way is much appreciated.

And, no, I’m not formally participating in Nano Wrimo this year. I don’t do well when I have to race others to get to a certain word count. It’s just not how my mind works. One of the rules with Nano Wrimo is to turn off your “inner-editor,” and that’s just not possible for how I write. Not editing as I go actually slows me down big time.

I’m not participating, but I’m still going to be keeping my nose to the grind. I have a manuscript to rewrite and a whole new manuscript to start.

Pressing on! And accepting chocolate…



A Solo Sport?

I’m officially an adult. One, I flew and rented a car all by myself for the first time and 2) I’ve somehow lost the ability to open a Capri Sun juice pouch.

They often tell you that writing is a solo sport. Most of the time it is just me locked away in a room typing away for hours, so I get that. But the journey of writing is impossible without the help of others.

This past weekend I attended the Storycrafters Retreat hosted by Susan May Warren with My Book Therapy. I learned more in two days under Susie’s guidance than all the conferences and classes I’ve attended put together. There were twelve other writers who I had time to become friends with and we all brainstormed our manuscripts together. More than that, I met and spent time being encouraged by one of my heroes, Susan May Warren. On Saturday night she had us get in our pajamas and we all sat with our laptops in a large room in the lodge with a roaring fire going. Pure bliss for a writer (did I mention the staff kept bringing us chocolate chip cookies hot from the oven?).

When I arrived home I was confused to discover that my husband had carried an old couch that we kept in a spare room into our living room. I didn’t question it, but it was odd. Then he called me into the spare room and I walk in there and he’s moved out all the items we had stored there, bought new furniture and set up a personal office for me. He told me that he did all that to let me know that he supports me in every step of the journey. Have I ever told you how much I love my husband? He’s an amazing man and I couldn’t pursue my dreams without his constant encouragement.

Then there are amazing friends that I’ve met along the way like Ellen, Erynn, Charity, Amanda, and Halee. And dear friends like Lisa, Sadie, and Amber who constantly beg to read “what’s next.”

A solo sport? Not by half.