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Young Adult Fiction

TimeShifters Series

Saving Yesterday (TimeShifters, book 1)

SavingYesterday_CVRHer blood holds secrets she never knew existed.

Despite the fact that she acts as a parent to her alcoholic father, Gabby Creed feels pretty normal. But her life is turned upside-down on her seventeenth birthday when a bracelet appears on her wrist and sucks her back through time.

Turns out she’s not even a little bit normal. She’s a Shifter—a protector of humans and of history itself. And she’s not alone. The other Shifters believe Gabby is special, even more special than the mysterious Michael Pace. Oh, and the Shades—seriously creepy creatures who feed off of human despair—are determined to capture her.

It’s all a lot to absorb. So Gabby’s grateful to have Michael as her Trainer—or she would be if she could get her rebellious heart under control. Then again, if the rumors about her blood are true, saving yesterday will be the least of her worries.

Capturing Today (TimeShifters, book 2)

Her blood makes her a target.CapturingToday_CVR

A year ago Gabby Creed discovered she’s a Shifter—a protector of not only humans, but history itself. Shocked to learn her mother may still be alive, Gabby vows to use her shifting abilities to track down the truth, hoping to bring her mom home before her father’s depression deepens beyond the point of no return. The only problem? Gabby’s not shifting.

The Shifters discourage her from searching for her mother. So when a Shade—the natural enemy of all Shifters—follows through on a promise, Gabby’s left wondering who she can trust. The Shifters who have been her friends? Or the Shades who are ready to give her answers?

She might be able to sort through her confusion if she wasn’t also battling her feelings for her Trainer, Michael Pace. But making choices about her mom, the Shades, and Michael might prove too much to handle. Perhaps capturing today means letting go of past hopes. If only she can.

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